Instructional and Research Technologies Symposium
for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Wednesday, March 21st, 2007
8:30AM - 2:00PM

Multipurpose Room, Camden Campus Center, Camden
Multipurpose Room, Robeson Campus Center, Newark
Multipurpose Room, Busch Campus Center, New Brunswick

Sponsored by
Rutgers University Office of Information Technology,
NJEDge, MAGPI and Internet2

Thank You for a Wonderful Symposium!
With nearly 200 attendees, it was great to see everyone there!
Links to each presenter's powerpoints are below.

Podcast of elements -- 'audio' elements are audio only, 'audio and video' elements are audio with synchronized slide changes for the video -- video sized 320x240, 'audio and large video' are the audio with synchronized slide changes for the video, but 640x480.
(Audio obtained from internet2, audio and video production by Rutgers Laboratory for Computer Science Research)

8:30 9:00Registration and Breakfast
9:00 9:10Opening Address
Michael Beals - SAS Vice Dean for Undergraduate Education MP3
9:10 9:40Advanced Arts & Humanities Initiatives within MAGPI, NJEdge, and Internet2(CMD)
Jennifer Oxenford - MAGPI
Presentation will cover Arts, Humanities and Social Science programs and initiatives within NJEDge, MAGPI and Internet2 including calls to participation. PRESENTATION PPT pdf mp3 mp4 (320x240) mp4 (640x480)
9:40 10:10Digitizing the Humanities: What You Need To Know To Digitize and Share Humanities Resources (NB)
Grace Agnew - Libraries
Presentation will discuss efforts to digitize analog data and media. Digital collection development efforts surrounding the Rutgers Community Repository (RUCore) will be covered including how faculty will interact with and contribute to RUCore. PRESENTATION PPT pdf mp3 mp4 (320x240) mp4 (640x480)
10:10 10:40NetGen Learners: Interacting, Collaborating and Participating(NWK)
Gayle Stein - Office of Instructional and Research Technology
Presentation will examine ways in which IT facilitates collaboration for learning and scholarship. The uses for and impacts of interactive, participatory web-based tools (aka Web 2.0) will be described and examples provided. PRESENTATION PPT pdf mp3 (technical difficulties with audio) mp4 (320x240 - technical difficulties with audio) mp4 (640x480 - technical difficulties with audio)
(Note that technical difficulties also necessitated Dr. Stein's talk to occur last on the day.)
10:40 10:50Break and Exhibits
10:50 11:20National Endowment for the Humanities (DC)
Fred Winter, National Endowment for the Humanities
Presentation will discuss NEH's new Digital Humanities Initiative and related grant opportunities. Grant programs include: Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants, Advancing Knowledge: The IMLS/NEH Digital Partnership, Digital Humanities Challenge Grants, Digital Humanities Workshops, Digital Humanities Fellowships. PRESENTATION PPT pdf mp3 mp4 (320x240) mp4 (640x480)
11:20 11:50Transformation of Classrooms into E-Learning Spaces: The Important Link between Technology and Learning (NB)
Tom DiLorenzo, Psychology Professor and Chair, University of Delaware
The University of Delaware has been very active in transforming classrooms to incorporate increasing levels of technology. Dr. DiLorenzo (Chair of the Department of Psychology and former Dean of the College of Arts and Science) led a team of Psychology faculty members and IT-media professionals who created a several facilities incorporating learning technologies with instructional methods that were designed to engage an increasingly technologically-savvy student population. PRESENTATION PPT pdf mp3 mp4 (320x240) mp4 (640x480)
11:50 12:20What We know About Games in Classrooms Now(Univ of Southern Maine)
Ben Sawyer, Digital Mill
For over five years Ben Sawyer has been building serious games or helping grow the field of serious games. During that time he has launched games into classrooms, visited schools, talked with teachers, and generally heard it all so far. In this talk Ben will discuss his own experiences of games in classrooms and attempt to outline the means by which we can properly expand the smart use of games in schools today. PRESENTATION PPT pdf mp3 mp4 (320x240) mp4 (640x480)
12:20 2:00Lunch & Exhibits

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