The Event Program

Welcome Message and Overview

Dr. Barbara Lee Welcome
Dr. Peter March Welcome
Dr. Dimitri Metaxas Overview Slides

Invited Talks: The Past Present and Future of Computer Science Research

Dr. Jim Kurose Assistant Director, CISE, NSF Slides
Dr. Frederica Darema Director, Math, Information and Life Sciences, AFOSR
Dr. Craig Nevill-Manning CTO, Sidewalk Labs

Retrospective on 50 years of the Computer Science Department at Rutgers

Dr. Casimir Kulikowski with
Dr. Eric Allender
50 years(audio)
50 years(slides)

Panel Discussion: The Future of Computer Science and Rutgers University

Drs. March, Metaxas, Kurose, Darema, Nevill-Manning and Kondrk audio

Computer Science Highlights and Awards

Dr. William Cohen Presentation Slides
Dr. Tsvi Gal Presentation
Dr. Robert Kondrk Presentation Speech not recorded at speaker's request
Dr. Pataria Presentation
Dr. Barbara Ryder Presentation
Dr. Donald Smith Presentation (Introduced by Dr. Apostolos Gerasoulis)
Dr. Endre Szemeredi Presentation (accepted on his behalf by Dr. Mario Szegedy)

Technology and the Arts

Dr. Robert Kondrk Presentation not recorded at speaker's request

Reception snaps