Department of Computer Science

Rutgers University

Open House, 1998
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Opening Remarks
Speaker Introduction
Keynote Speech
(with smaller slides
for athome viewing)
Dr. Joseph Seneca
Dr. Apostolos Gerasoulis
Dr. Greg Papadopolous
Overview of the Department
and the ITI
Linear Programming from
Fourier to Khachiyan
Data on Air -
Towards Wireless Internet
Dr. Tomasz Imielinski
Plus other ITI Working Group members
Dr. Vaclev Chvatal
Dr. B. R. Badrinath
Panel: Is the University the right place to launch commercial technology?
Bill Adams, Gerry Barnett, Scott Baxter, Jim Flanagan, Rick Mamonne, Marc Surett, Greg Papadopolous, David Goodman

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